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Security is only relative, no matter what kind of baby swimming pool heating equipment, improper use of certain hazardous. Selection of oil-fired 11 th 11 bar pressure boiler in pakistan heating baby swimming pool, pay attention to the following three points:

Recently, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province take minus coal, train control, dust suppression, government sources, prohibiting other measures, the air pollution caused by human factors reduced to very low, efforts to improve air quality in Xi'an winter. As of early November, Xi'an has cut 100 million tons of coal-fired, 15 high-ranked companies relocate or shut down.

In 2018, the Shaanxi provincial government issued a formal mandate to inform, Xi'an total of 140 million tons of coal to reduce the task, mainly around the Xi'an city government to cut electricity, central heating boilers Chaigai, urban and rural residents scattered coal and gas supply security in four areas of governance to carry out jobs. As of the end of October this year, has cut coal 1.015 million tons, completed 70.7% year plan. Built area of ​​29,419 catering units are the use of clean energy, outside built-up area 5196 catering units are to switch to clean energy.

Vehicle exhaust is one of the sources of atmospheric pollution. In order to strictly control the "black tail", environmental management staff at the three-ring along the line, passenger stations, farmers market, food stores and other black smoke high incidence of vehicle checkpoints set up 423-bit, low-speed vehicles investigated a total of 71,300 cases to go cut the line , black smoke car 7027 cases.

In the "anti-summer period", Xi'an continue to implement the motor vehicle limit line of control measures, and completed the 3255 update of pure electric buses put into operation, the completion rate of 102%. Newly started construction of public parking spaces 12,908, 86.1% completion rate. Investigate ChaoBiaoChe 3504.

In terms of the source rule, Xi'an cumulative Mopai "scattered dirt" Enterprise 21021 (including New West Ham), complete renovation 8163, completion rate of 38.8%; 15 high energy consumption, high emission enterprises to complete the relocation or shut down; 3399 Taiwan low nitrogen gas boiler to complete the transformation, the completion rate of 99.4%.

40 industrial enterprises complete control of volatile organic compounds, the completion rate was 88.9%; 26 224 restaurants and stalls point to install smoke purification facilities; 1259 spray paint auto repair business to complete in-depth treatment of exhaust gas, and all the installation of pollution control equipment independent meter; the Third Ring Road 336 gas stations outside the full completion of the transformation of tertiary recovery of oil and gas, and all the installation of pollution control facilities separate meter.

In terms of prohibiting, Xi'an completed summer crop straw comprehensive utilization area of ​​249.82 acres of mechanization, comprehensive utilization rate of 95.4%, exceeding the target task. At the same time, organized and implemented six acres and nine provincial and municipal straw utilization demonstration projects, compared with the provincial target increase of 12.5 percentage points; investigate and deal with the problem of black smoke burning from 457; 8 consecutive years of summer and autumn straw Jinshao to achieve "zero fire point" goal.

This year, the Xi'an handled a number of prominent air pollution problems. City of iron-fisted rule examination revealed a total haze to do all kinds of air pollution problems 1862, the city set up a team of 153 people to strengthen the supervision and inspection found problems common enterprise 6128, cross-check inspection found a total of 11,781 business problems. These issues are issued under the supervision of the list of issues to be reform.

How to maintain the use of gas hot water 11 th 11 bar pressure boiler in pakistan? Note the use of gas-fired boiler: brief, the boiler equipment to gas as the main fuel is called the gas boiler. About gas boiler users, be sure to do routine maintenance work equipment, so it can ensure normal operation. 1, carefully check before ignition if the water in the boiler and fill the system, the exhaust whether intelligible. 2, gas pipeline stuff leak check, whether the gas pressure matching with the original. 3, gas boilers must use the original power plug, gas boilers must be firmly grounded, to ensure safety. 4, gas boilers must pay attention to ventilation in the process of applying. 5, the installation and repair of gas boilers must end by professionals. 6, presents problems should be closed first gas source and the power control instructions discharge fault, fault and restart the discharge. 7, when possible icing environmental conditions, adhere to energize the gas boiler and ventilation, to ensure that the antifreeze and anti-death function card gas boiler work. 8, if a long time without gas boiler, please close the air supply cut off the power, where possible icing of the environment, must be the boiler and piping the water to shoot clean to prevent freezing. Followed by screening of coal-fired boilers, gas hot water boiler is now the most mainstream of steam boilers and hot water boilers. To do the normal operation of the boiler, we should take good care of the boiler. Here are some common maintenance methods. (A) so that heat hot water boiler maintenance has always insisted on a pressure of about 0.05-0.1Mpa to avoid outside air into the boiler, oxygen-free environment and the water temperature is not lower than 100oC. If there are other possible additional boiler boiler steam heating bath water. If a single boiler, can adhere to set fire in the furnace. This method is generally used in less than one week shutdown boiler or boiler hot spare. (B) Wet Wet maintenance boiler maintenance alkaline solution to the surface of the base protective film to avoid corrosion of metals. After the boiler shutdown, first pot of water exhausted, soot scale clean-up, closed the other into the hole, and other barrier boiler is in operation. The water is injected to the minimum level, then the alkaline solution was poured configured. Component preservation solution are: sodium hydroxide, the ratio of 5kg / t. After all filled with demineralized water injection boiler. Now open the dedicated circulation pumps, uniformly mixed alkaline solution. During maintenance to regularly check if the increase in time to reduce the concentration of the solution; cold weather to avoid freezing water boiler, the boiler can not open wet maintenance. Maintenance end, all water should be released and re-install water softening. (C) Dry Dry maintenance care stick inside the boiler from corrosion sulfate, anhydrous calcium chloride or lime used. After the shutdown is done and the pot of water, cleaning boilers, boiler pipe valve closed. Open pores make the drum to dry naturally, if the water vapor may be heated by more slow fire. The anhydrous calcium chloride or lime with a tray placed on the hob, and an inner drum and headers flue. Based on the amount of boiler concluded in accordance with the size of the boiler. All valves eventually closed and isolated, to avoid moisture ingress. During maintenance, every 2 months, a timing check, if the desiccant into powder, should be replaced with new. Practice has proved that dry maintenance effect is obvious and low cost, simple operation, suitable for all types of boiler maintenance shutdown a long time, especially in summer to disable heating and hot water boiler.

Import gas condensing 11 th 11 bar pressure boiler in pakistan characteristics: 1, using exhaust heat cascade, sufficiently improved boiler efficiency; 2, exhaust gas temperature can be as low as 70 ℃, the thermal efficiency of up to 104%, the boiler efficiency will play to the limit; 3, NOX, COX, SOX, a significant reduction in emissions of harmful substances; 4, integrated solutions, more secure and efficient; 5, condensing boiler characteristics fast way inlet gas: 6, the structure of the whole boiler shell wet back boiler, reliable, easy to maintain; 7, air preheater, a condenser, a blower, a burner, pumps and control systems, integrated design, the overall debugging, the entire factory, boiler installation easier; 8, integrated design, more than the split condensing boiler saves the area reduce construction investment; 9, integrated design, systematic solutions to further improve the boiler and automation.

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