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Tai Chi, Jiaozuo City, Jiaozuo City Sports Center is one of important sports infrastructure, a total area of ​​11.73 hectares, held several international events. With strict management in Henan Province for air emissions of pollutants, Jiaozuo City, also launched the governance of coal-fired 201 mw fired power plant boiler in egypts, thermal power and other equipment. Jiaozuo Sports Center actively cooperate with municipal workers, took the lead from coal to gas activities, the serious pollution of the original extent of coal-fired boilers to replace gas boilers. Gas boiler cleaning binding understanding of the market, to achieve cooperation with the finalization fast boiler by providing a fast side 2.8MW integrally condensing gas hot water boiler (WNS2.8-1.0 / 95/70-YQ), it is used to Sports Center provides heating and hot water.

A recognized symbol of efficiency is the ENERGY STAR label. For a 201 mw fired power plant boiler in egypt to qualify for ENERGY STAR, the product must meet or exceed the EPA’s minimum efficiency ratings. For gas boilers, both the natural gas and LPG gas boilers are ENERGY STAR® certified, and our WNS and SZS boiler, at 96% AFUE, is the highest efficiency product we manufacture. For oil boilers, the diesel oil is ENERGY STAR certified at 95% AFUE

The main components of organic heat 201 mw fired power plant boiler in egypt burner natural gas burner 5 is constructed of the following system components: 1, the function that the air supply system, air supply system into the wind speed a certain amount of air to the combustion chamber, the main components are: shell body, fan motors, fan impeller, air guns fire tube, damper controller, damper baffle, a cam adjusting mechanism diffuser plate. 2, the ignition system functions in that the ignition system ignites a mixture of air and fuel, its main components are: the ignition transformer, the ignition electrode, a high voltage electrical cable fire. A more secure electronic ignition system called ignition pulse, is widely used Zhuoyi energy and other natural gas boiler manufacturers. Which facilitate saving, you can simply press a finger, and safe, does not occur due to unexpected accidents occur flame, once the stall state occurs, the control system can close the solenoid valve, off gas passage 3 days , system monitoring function monitoring system is to ensure that the burner safe and stable operation, the main components are flame detectors, pressure monitors, temperature monitors and the like. 4, functions of the fuel system of the fuel system is to ensure that the desired fuel burner. The fuel oil burner system are: tubing and fittings, pumps, solenoid valves, nozzles, heavy oil preheater. Gas burner mainly a filter, pressure regulator, solenoid valve, and then firing solenoid valve, the fuel valve. 5, electronic control system electronic control system command center and the focal the above system, the primary control element is a control box, with different programmer for different burners, the common programmer has: LFL series, the LAL series, LOA series, LGB series, the main difference is the time of each different program steps. The controller 1, ultra Encyclopedia Chinese LCD display, built-in luminous incandescent lamp, regardless of the day night, the screen clearly visible. 2, the image level animation display state, condition, valve status, alarm status, operation of the boiler at a glance. 3, CPU intelligent central processor, all the programs focused on a digital chip, scalability, high degree of automation, simple, and powerful. 4, includes a time setting, temperature setting, setting valve, a continuous setting, timer setting, and other control functions pressure setting, arbitrarily set the working state. 5, includes a low level alarm (anti-dry function), ultra high temperature alarm, alarm and other ultra-high pressure alarm and chain protection (shutdown), eliminate safety hazards. 6, detailed self-diagnosis, record, store alarm information, enables ready access to an alarm condition, easy inspection and maintenance.

What purpose engineered food plant 201 mw fired power plant boiler in egypt boiler plant food purposes have what? A boiler output increase; Second energy savings; Three 1. The waste heat recovery boiler output adjusted primarily by changing the secondary air with a reasonable through-air ratio, change the air fuel change material circulation boiler, the boiler load adjustment. Increasing the load, when the load shedding to reduce the oil supply. When the load changes, due to changes in the fuel supply and the air flow rate, the share of the fuel concentration and an upper combustion furnace freeboard in the furnace vary. 2. The energy savings can be found by analyzing combustion principle, the greater the excess air ratio will be more smoke, naturally more heat. The inspection report relevant when the temperature of the exhaust gas boiler is 250 deg.] C, the excess air ratio will increase by 0.1%, the boiler operating efficiency of the gas will be reduced by 0.9%. Accordingly, in order to ensure the efficiency of the gas boiler is run, should minimize the excess air ratio of the gas boiler. In practice, the boiler should be equipped with a reasonable burner, and equipment for debugging. Fuel burner in accordance with the characteristics of the operating characteristics of the boiler, fire safety burn rate to ensure that the flame furnace, combustion of the fuel.

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