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Gas 25001 flat coal fired heating boilers hospital heating manufacturers Interpretation: gas boilers have the advantage currently use gas-fired boilers occupy the entire market, gas boiler manufacturers say is largely due to the major outstanding features are used, not only more secure and more environmentally friendly energy reducing waste gas pollution emissions. Whether from material manufacturing has changed are updated on fuel refueling meet the requirements of the State Environmental Protection use. Following on from the industry's leading gas boiler manufacturers to introduce the advantages of gas-fired boiler. 1: save material and more space, said gas boiler manufacturers use as boiler feed gas is no longer used it is possible to save more space ash pile, and does not require a significant amount of ash material can be compared to coal gas more economical use of materials. Gas boiler and fuel delivery equipment and therefore less power consumption is also less compared. 2: use of environmentally friendly energy-saving gas-fired boiler in the use of highly energy-saving and environmental protection has become recognized as a major advantage, gas boiler manufacturers said gas gas-fired boilers used for combustion and therefore not a lot of exhaust gases, thus reducing the pollution of exhaust gas to the space environment, Therefore, more in line with national standards of environmental protection. 3: to reduce labor intensity of reduced staff gas boiler manufacturers decrease stresses on conventional boilers the auxiliary equipment, thus reducing the operating staff, and to reduce the entire operation as compared to when using a gas boiler coal-fired boiler in the secondary feed and coal slag and other processes, and therefore relatively decreased in the course of the labor intensity. 4: movement easier installation as a whole a gas boiler is no longer a conventional coal-fired boilers combination of a plurality of different parts together, so more convenient gas boiler manufacturers said movement of the mounting and can be moved to the fast the use of different venues. To sum up, it is gas-fired boiler gas boiler manufacturers to introduce everyone has four major advantages seen in the actual use of gas-fired boiler appeared to enterprises to bring more convenience of use, and by gas-fired boiler manufacturer preferred brand boiler can improve the efficiency of the work to achieve a gas boiler environmental protection and energy saving technology.

Note the use of an industrial 25001 flat coal fired heating boilers hospital heating fan which 1, strengthen the operation and management, ban illegal operation. Industrial boiler drum fan up and running, there must be strict rules. The induced draft fan starts to be unloaded, non-load starting, particularly when the boiler stoked, flue gas temperature is too low, such as the induced draft fan starts with load (i.e., open the blower inlet damper or fully open), a current will start increased a lot, and start-up time is too long, the fan motor can overheat, overloading is likely to burn out; when the boiler (particularly pulverized coal) Jan-fire operation, pay attention to drums, fan's opening sequence, can not be reversed. I.e., first open fan, run for 10 minutes, and to exclude the furnace flue fouling or flammable gases, before the blower starts. If the first open blower, the induced draft fan, so that both the induced draft fan load is increased, so that the induced draft fan motor overheating burned, and the furnace may lead to explosion. 2, industrial boiler flue gas dust removal blowers take measures to regularly clean the flue, induced draft fan to improve the working environment. Dust removal equipment units to strengthen the dust removal operation and management, improve the efficiency of dust removal; no dust removal equipment units to time quantitative dosing into the boiler furnace special cleaning agents, and timely removal of fouling of the flue, the flue avoid clogging, the impeller damage accidents. 3, the impeller blade surface hardening treatment to improve the wear resistance of the blade. Since the large fan boiler drum conveying high temperature flue gas is about 200 ℃, the flue gas contains large amounts of fly ash, SO2 and other corrosive gases, badly worn fan blades, fan output prone to drop, vibration, such as rupture of the blade. Therefore, to deal with a serious face or wear parts of welding blades to improve the wear resistance of the blade. Use DC welder welding, arc welding using manual method using a dedicated fan hardfacing strip (e.g., wear No. 1, Mo-Cr-B carbide electrode wear, etc.), and the electrode wear in 300 ~ 350 ℃ drying 1 hour use. Before welding, the surface of the blade should be fouling, rust cleaned, preheated to 100 deg.] C, with a small current, low voltage, temperature and speed, short arc welding symmetry. Practice has proved that, after surfacing treated leaves, wear resistance greatly improved, not only changed the fan impeller often wear, but also laid a good foundation for the safe operation of the fan. 4, insist on Boiler Fan periodic overhaul, maintenance of strict quality control. Industrial boiler drum Fan to be overhauled on a regular basis. The elimination before the accident hidden danger in the bud, to overhaul a comprehensive, thorough, carefully check the wear, the impeller shaft and impeller balanced operation, with or without internal connections loose, collision, inlet baffle switch is flexible and bearing lubrication and cooling Happening.

Hebei Cangzhou issued a "special program on the implementation of standards of governance 25001 flat coal fired heating boilers hospital heating." Emission standards for boiler treatment and corresponding indication made, as shown in details as follows.

First, the standard standard coal-fired boiler

1, before the end of September 2019, within the city of more than 35 tons of steam / hour ultra-low emission coal-fired boilers complete transformation, emissions of major pollutants to achieve ultra-low emission standards (dust ≤10mg / m³, SO2≤35mg / m³, NOx≤50mg / m³).

Before the end of the year 2/2020, the city eliminated 35 tons of steam / hour and coal-fired boiler, stove and stove operating a small coal stove, achieved within the city 35 steam tons / hour and the boiler "No Coal." Reserved 35 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boiler, stove and stove operating a small coal stove implementation of the special emission standards (dust ≤30mg / m3, SO2≤200mg / m3, NOx≤200mg / m3).

Retention of more than 35 tons of steam / h coal-fired boiler to install air pollution automatic monitoring facilities and networking with the environment department, to install a distributed control system (DCS system), real-time monitoring of pollutant emissions.

Second, gas-fired boiler

1, before the end of September 2019, the city completed two-thirds of the total number of units of low-nitrogen transformation gas boiler above. Among them, the central city of all gas-fired boiler and all the city's industrial and commercial gas-fired boilers to complete a full rebuilding mode low nitrogen.

2, the end of June 2020, the conventional gas boiler should be completed by transformation of a low nitrogen combustion, soot, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide respectively 5mg / m³, 10mg / m³, 30mg / m³.

Third, the task

1, increase clean energy alternatives. In areas not covered by central heating pipe network, and vigorously promote geothermal, wind, solar and other clean energy, in an orderly way from coal to gas and coal to electricity, to change the power-based. In 2020, under the conditions of gas supply has been guaranteed, the city eliminated 35 tons of steam / hour and below the coal-fired boilers.

2, increase the coal management and control efforts. Coal infrared video monitoring devices to increase coal quality sampling efforts, to retain the blast furnace coal-fired boilers to be installed, Hebei coal to meet local standards "Industrial and domestic fuel coal" (DB13 / 208102014) non-coal power generation industry quality indicators .

3, strict new boiler access. Ⅲ class urban area and high-pollution fuel combustion zone ban municipal government designated a ban on new coal-fired boiler, a citywide ban on new 35 steam tons / hour and coal-fired boilers, the new 35 steam tons / hour of coal-fired boilers must in line with the municipal government of central heating planning or construction of industrial parks planning, energy efficiency reached AQSIQ "energy-saving technology supervision and management procedures boiler (TSGG0002-2010)" requirements, encourage the use of "energy efficient boiler promotion List" reached the level of energy efficiency standards boiler, pollutant emissions to meet emission standards require extremely low.

20 ton Steam Boiler Reforming Cost Coal to Biomass

With strictly environmental conservation policy, more and more coal fired boiler owners try to reform their boilers into biomass fuel. This project needs high technology to backup. Only advanced engineers on boiler designs can do this. And in our ZG Boiler, more than 20 engineers have reformed coal fired boiler into biomass boiler, or oil fired boiler into gas fired boiler, etc. High technology, yes, we have; national patents, yes, we have. ZG Boiler, own skilled workers, excellent engineers, good service teams, and core technology on boiler manufacturing. We have confidence in this coal to biomass steam boiler reforming. In this point, you must doubt that, how can coal fired boiler reform into biomass fired boiler. The writer will explain it simply here.

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