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In summary, the industrial amolak boiler energy-saving system energy-saving, software energy-saving and hardware energy-saving measures. We should make effective use of steam, recycle and utilize waste heat steam. Heat preservation of all kinds of pipes, using heat pipe heat exchanger, steam accumulator and other devices for energy conservation. Great economic benefits can be obtained by using hot water boiler heating, central heating in regional boiler room, co-generation of heat and power generation with excess pressure to improve the utilization rate of energy. Here is a brief introduction to some basic and common energy-saving measures, there are many energy-saving measures waiting for us to study and use. As long as we really attach importance to the conservation and rational use of energy, we should adopt all kinds of Effective measures can continuously improve the energy efficiency of industrial boilers, make the limited energy sources play a greater role, and lay a solid material foundation for the development of the national economy.(14) what are the reasons for boiler scaling?

Pharmaceutical amolak boiler full of water Accident pharmaceutical boiler when selected, mostly steam boilers based, then, in the course of its references in this or that problem will be inevitable, the boiler is full of water in which the accident one of you in the face of such a phenomenon should be how to solve it? the reason pharmaceutical boiler filled with water accidents (1) water gauge failure, can not judge normal water level in the boiler, causing interference to determine the operator. (2) If the water pressure of the boiler sudden increase in water speed will accelerate, and should the inspection staff is not recognizing this phenomenon, it is likely to cause accidents occur boiler full of water. Process boiler operation (3), or it may exist fireman who neglects his duty, over-reliance on boiler feedwater automatic control system, once the system failure, it is very likely to cause full of water accidents. Measures Pharmaceutical boiler filled with water accidents (1) to detect the water table at any time, to ensure the normal operation and its sensitivity to its normal feedback boiler water level situation, full of water to avoid the phenomenon. (2) If the boiler full of water and the accident has occurred, should be made to deal with the emergency shutdown, stop the boiler feed water, turn on the water quickly, hydrophobic, when the boiler water level to be back to normal, the relevant component inspection to ensure the normal time, restore the normal operation of the boiler . (3) In addition, the boiler full of water accidents in part due to operational reasons the boiler itself, the other part also and operations fireman who has a direct relationship, therefore, on a regular basis to the relevant personnel training, the development of relevant work rules, ensure operational co reasonable regulation. Of course, the cause of the accident boiler full of water and there are many specific treatment to be based on the actual situation, as a preventive measure to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the boiler, especially pharmaceutical institutions like the slightest mistake is likely resulting in unnecessary human and material losses.

The sum of the concentrations of Ca2 and Mg2 in water is called the hardness of water. It is clearly stipulated in the regulation of amolak boiler supervision that the hardness of boiler water is ≤ 0.03mmol/L.Ca2 and the Mg2 is distributed in water in the form of ions, even if the water is softened, there are still some sulfate ion and bicarbonate ion in the water. Because bicarbonate ions are always dissociated in water, i.e.: HCO3-A→H++CO32-(1). Although the dissociation is very weak in this process, the dissociation is strengthened due to the (2), (3) reaction. Then, in boiler operation, there are always conditions for the formation of insoluble substances: Ca2++CO32--CaCO3(2). Mg2++CO32-→MgCO3+(3)

In the square, accompanied by Mr.?Mahbubul fast group of professional amolak boiler foreign trade, the group visited two intelligent production workshop, national R & D center and a full laboratory conditions has been the recognition and appreciation Mr.?Mahbubul. Not only is our company's hardware conditions attracted Mr.?Mahbubul, results in the software also lets Mr.?Mahbubul Gee praised. Mr. Mahbubul it comes to the process of communicating with us, the boiler can not guarantee the purchase of multinational concerns about the safe operation of the boiler; and our unique remote monitoring cloud service system is just perfect solution to this problem.

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