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Recently, Shaanxi Province issued a notice "issued four Battle 2019 program of work". Programs that: improve the mechanism of heating prices, heating prices reasonable development of clean, green electricity implement ultra-low emissions coal-fired power plants, a comprehensive clean canceled preferential tariff class of high energy-consuming industries unreasonable prices and other preferential policies. Off Area ban coal stove, substantially eliminated cogeneration heating pipe network coverage in the range of coal heated oven (furnace).

According to focus on the use of coal and clean use of principles, focusing on reduction of non-coal for electricity, increase the proportion of electricity from coal. Increase Condensing units and cogeneration units technological transformation efforts, speed up the heating pipe network construction, fully release and improve the heating capacity, eliminate coal-fired boilers and scattered inside the pipe network coverage. Actively implement alternative heat source, deadline for shutting down the Guanzhong area below 100,000 kilowatts thermoelectric ratio does not meet the national standard or alternative heat source thermal units. Optimal operation mode cogeneration units, strictly implement the "hot set electricity."

Test gas steam boiler feed pump steam turbines products steam boiler when using gas belongs to the mechanical equipment, we all know, machinery and equipment, will have some problems in use for some time, can sometimes affect the normal conduct of our work, so we have to use it in inspection, now, we come to understand some of the content simply need to pay attention when gas boiler inspection. In fact, maintenance of gas boiler maintenance and inspection of coal-fired boilers essentially the same. Gas boiler by the boiler and auxiliary equipment components, comprising a boiler furnace, boilers, burners, water wall superheater, economizer, air preheater, furnace wall structure and the like constituting the main part, wherein the furnace is a steam drum and the most important parts. The most important is to be tested in the boiler maintenance boiler maintenance, during testing, we need to pay attention to several aspects: 1, inspection of boiler: the transformation of boiler pressure parts, to be carried out in strict accordance with the provisions of the relevant departments review, and then examined by the inspector. 2, the quality of manufactured boiler inspection: Check the manufacturers use the material meets the requirements, the boiler arrangement is reasonable, relevant information and product certification are complete and reliable. 3, test operation of a gas furnace: boiler operation or planned shutdown of internal and external examination conducted, divided into regular and non-scheduled services. 4, boiler design inspection: inspection carried out by the labor department and the competent authorities, the rationality of the main boiler structure review. 5, repair quality inspection of boiler: boiler body before carrying out the overhaul, the labor department to review the reasonableness of the repair program, including technology, strength, use of materials, acceptance conditions. 6, testing the quality of the boiler installation: install the main check for compliance and whether the arrangement meets the design requirements, safety accessories are complete and accurate, furnaces wall of eligibility and so on. After completion of the gas boiler inspection points and are up to par, we can rest assured that the use of, the boiler can be normal and safe operation of the boiler as long as our regular proper maintenance in subsequent use for maintenance, also will not affect the progress of our work, too, coal-fired boiler boiler inspection may also be examined in accordance with these points.

Why emphasize, gas boiler feed pump steam turbines products regular maintenance must be everyone in the purchase of gas boilers, boiler efficiency and service life are important reference index. But let the boiler operating efficiency and service life of double standards, not just choose a good quality gas boiler so simple, late boiler regular maintenance work is critical. This is mainly due to the different regions and different business differences for gas quality and water quality. 1, differences in gas quality, natural gas and LPG are relatively clean air, artificial gas is relatively poor, a lot of impurities inside thereof, and the composition less stable, low heating value, and the effect on the life of the equipment operation larger. 2, differences in quality, of the larger land area, a large difference is present in each of the water quality, various calcium and magnesium ion content in water, although water boiler is processed through demineralized water, and difficult to scale, but only reduced softening tap water content of calcium and magnesium ions, and can not be completely eliminated. When water is heated, water, calcium, magnesium, iron and other rapidly water combined with carbonate, silicate, hydroxide and the like, to produce calcium carbonate, magnesium silicate scale, and firmly attached to transducer heat pipe inner wall and the like, resulting in deterioration of the effect of heat transfer systems, reduced diameter, or a poor flow blockage, energy consumption increases, and once the boiler pump clogging, poor water failure prone, primary the heat exchanger can be easily damaged at high temperature flame, thereby shortening the life of the boiler water circulation system equipment.

Condensing boiler feed pump steam turbines productss must immediately solve the problems facing the current problems faced by condensing boilers must be addressed: 1, condensing boilers do not adapt to some of the high-temperature systems, suitable for low-temperature radiant floor heating. 2, condensing boilers require specially designed temperature control system and debugging equipment. 3, the condensed water generally has a slightly acidic, corrosion resistance is required ferritic stainless steel, austenitic stainless steel, aluminum and the like; 4, annual operating time equivalent assessment of investment and recovery period; 5, the condensed water and recycling emissions. 6, power can not be too small, there will backfire, causing an explosion, corrosive wall. (Recommended to choose the power of 35 kilowatts and above)

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