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At last, considering with our engineer’s advice, and beverage factory requirements, our client chose WNS series gas fired fire tube steam boiler guard suppliers south africa, 6 ton steam capacity in design. This boiler will be finished in 30 days. ZG Boiler ensure each boiler from our company with high quality and meeting 100% consumer requirements, national standard, industry standard.

Fang fast in doing gas boiler guard suppliers south africa hot water engineering projects, has many years of industry experience. Since its establishment in 1998, the customer's partnership with more than 80000+, is engineering customers trusted and cooperation in high-quality brand.

In response to the state-assigned air quality improvement objectives and environmental supervision central feedback coal-fired boiler guard suppliers south africas environmental pollution rectification program, Kang County, Gansu Province based on "government-led, relying on real responsibility, Take Measures to proceed with" principle, accelerate the burning of remediation work out of the coal boiler, and to develop the following measures, at present, reconstruction activities are being actively promoted.

A: a comprehensive investigation, the establishment of accounting. For urban areas, towns, Kudo industrial parks all coal-fired boilers to conduct a comprehensive diagnostic investigation, a total of investigation and the use of the boiler 31 enterprises, a total of 38 boilers, electric boilers and removal of fuel two boilers, coal-fired boilers county a total of 36, including two sets of 20 tons of steam boilers, coal-fired boiler pressure 4. In the diagnostic process, the situation boiler location, type, number of units, the tonnage, use, carefully verify the age and so on, and sort out the summary, so that a boiler does not leak, the device information is not a shortage.

Two: to strengthen publicity, and create atmosphere. Through new media, focus on advocacy, government circulars issued, will be held to promote the government leaders in charge of on-site investigation led mobilization and other forms of media offensive formation, multi-level multi-angle carry out various forms of publicity and education remediation phase out coal-fired boilers, each guide society personnel support and participate actively promote the use of coal-fired boiler units understand the situation, to speed up the phase-out of coal-fired boiler renovation.

Three: supervision of interviews, results-oriented. Person in charge of the county Bureau of Quality Supervision led, in-depth coal-fired boiler unit, for the slowness, lack of knowledge, waiting to see the business units and enlighten them with reason, and emotionally moving. With the responsible persons of the two job interviews lag to not be one of them out of the situation Reconstruction of boiler in accordance with national policy requirements, on-site recovery boiler registration certificate and ordered deadline to be removed or modified.

Kang mentioned standard by the transformation, step out, closed down closed down, to gas and electricity from coal to supervise a number of measures to actively promote the elimination of remediation coal-fired boilers. Currently the county out of 29 coal-fired boiler units, of which 15 units destructive demolition, stop burning close 12 stations, two mentioned standard transformation. The remaining seven out of focus on remediation plan included in this year, the county continues to promote this work, and to call on the unit enthusiastic, standards do not fall, the team leave, determined to complete the end of October this year, the county and below 10 tons of steam coal-fired boiler work all clear.

Food issues when buying gas steam boiler guard suppliers south africa plant to be considered a problem which foods to buy gas steam boiler plant to consider what? For many food plants are required to use gas steam boiler, the boiler before the purchase is the need for a detailed understanding of the factors affecting the price of gas steam boiler. Many factors affect the price of gas boiler. Specifically, the following areas: 1, boiler capacity. As one ton, two tons, four tons, 10 tons, 20 tons of different sizes, such as the price difference NATURAL furnace. The price of one ton of pressure 1.25MPa WNS1-1.25-YQ type gas boiler is about 120,000. 2, boiler models. Common types of oil-fired boiler WNS and SZS type of two types. 3, the parameters are parameters affecting fuel boiler rated evaporation, rated steam pressure, the rated steam temperature, water temperature, rated thermal power, rated outlet pressure, water temperature, return water temperature, gas consumption, power consumption and design of the fuel. Prices vary.

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