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An oil boiler or oil fired boiler is an appliance that uses oil to heat up water. Boilers are essentially closed containers that heat water that is distributed throughout a building or complex for various purposes. When you are considering the purchase of a boiler, one of the most important choices to make is with regards to the fuel. Oil boilers and electric boilers are sought after for several different reasons, and some of their major differences, pros and cons of each are outlined below.

Gas boiler burner failure how to do? Fault gas burning boiler opportunity arise, the most frequently occurring burner ignition rods gas boiler is not firing. The reason is concerned, it is because the ignition rods gap sandwiched carbon residue, oil phenomenon appeared, followed, that is because ignition rods chipping, moisture or leakage, furthermore, to stick ignition misfire, is because the distance between the ignition does not stick, too long or too short. Gas boiler burner ignition misfire rod, there may occur ignition due to the damage the insulation coating rod, ground short circuit; Then, since the ignition cable is transformer failure, including cable disconnection, connector damage caused by ignition when a short circuit; transformer disconnection or other failure occurs. When it comes to measures to deal with it is, it will include clearing, as well as new ones to adjust their distance, lane changing and changing transformers. Further, when we are faced with the ignition rod on the gas boiler burner spark reasons but misfiring, because the cyclone disc ventilation gap is blocked by carbon deposits, resulting in poor ventilation, or because the oil nozzle is dirty, clogged or is worn, it is because there is relatively small throttle angle setting. Gas boiler ignition spark rod misfiring but also may be due inappropriate firing rod tip from the leading edge of the oil from the nozzle (or protrude too retracted), moreover, the gun is because the first solenoid a valve clogging debris (small kerosene gun); if too viscous oily or not easily flow filtration system or re-clogging of the oil valve is not open, that the pump inlet is insufficient, low oil pressure. Finally, there is a spark ignition rods but misfire, because the pump itself or filter blockage in the oil because of its more water (boiling abnormal noise within the heater). For gas-fired boiler ignition spark stick but misfire, we must first be clear; the next, which is to be cleaned, such as not enough time to pay attention to new ones; furthermore, also is to pay attention to transfer a small test before they can .

Pressure fire operations and precautions Henan fast boiler's steam boiler Xiao Bian told you about the operation of steam boilers and pressure fire precautions and stainless steel high temperature magnetic pump structural characteristics 1. pressure steam boiler fire steps of (1) to reduce boiler load, according to the length of time of shutdown, the seam thicker, the thickness is generally not more than 200 mm, suitable to accelerate the speed of the grate. (2) to the slag is thickened seam about 1 mm from the stop grate rotation, the drum is stopped, the operation of the induced draft fan, blowing off a small segment of the regulating plate stopper and dampers qs, relying on natural ventilation to maintain coal the lean-burn, the sewage, boiler water level will rise to the maximum allowable level. If the fire burn coal gate, grate can be switched on again, the coal-fired back, a distance. (3) the recovery boiler needs to run, as long as the opening lead, a blower, to adjust the smoke, and the wind baffle plenum segment adjusting the opening degree of the shutter, the adjustment of combustion steam boiler seam thickness to be normal, start grate, can be restored run. 2. Note the use of a steam boiler (1) before starting Check power supply voltage, there are unusual circumstances water, close the drain valve opens the water supply valve, check whether the pump stuck, stuck if the pump, remove the fan cover, rotation of the motor shaft to the flexible state to boot. (2) When the steam boiler maintenance or replacement of parts, turn off the power to avoid live work dangerous. (3) electronic control box, pump motors and other parts should avoid damp water to prevent burning boiler should pay attention to keep clean. (4) steam boilers in accordance with quality requirements, when using the apparatus sure to install a water softener, the water softener is not used because the boiler may cause fouling, may cause serious squib, shortening the life of the boiler. (5) Please note that when using sewage. And at least once a day with a discharge pressure of between 0.1MPa to 0.15MPa discharge may be prevented clogging of pipes, sewage should be properly connected, to guard against burns. Stainless steel high temperature magnetic pump structural features: a sliding bearing magnetic pump sliding bearing materials impregnated graphite, PTFE and engineering ceramics. Because of engineering ceramics has good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, abrasion performance, so the sliding bearing magnetic pump more use of engineering ceramics production. Because of engineering ceramics are brittle and expansion coefficient, so the bearing clearance is not too small, so as not to hold the shaft accident. Since the magnetic pump in order to lubricate sliding bearing medium conveyed, it should be used depending on the medium and conditions, making use of different materials bearing. 2. Cooling lubricating fluid flow control pump operation must be flush cooling internal friction annulus region between the sliding bearing and the magnetic rotor and the containment shell with a small amount of liquid. Coolant flow rate is typically 2-3% of the design flow of the pump, the annulus area between the inner magnetic rotor of the eddy current generated spacer bush high heat. When enough cooling lubricant or flushing holes poor, clogging, the medium will result in a temperature above the operating temperature of the permanent magnet, the inner magnetic rotor gradually loses its magnetism, the magnetic force actuator failure. When the medium is water or water-based liquid, the temperature rise can be maintained in the annulus region of 3-5 deg.] C; or when the medium is a hydrocarbon oil, allows the annulus region of the temperature was maintained at 5-8 ℃. Henan is committed to fast boiler steam boiler manufacturing, product quality, reasonable prices and widespread industry praise, if you have any needs, please contact us!

It is understood, Jilin Province Bureau of Quality Supervision Market Supervisory Authority, City Center and the special prosecutor boiler unit deployed to the District Branch, county (city) to carry out investigation and remediation work in special boilers.

The regulation includes the use of all registered cases in 2018, with the boiler, and whether to establish strict implementation of safety management systems and procedures, staff training and certified to meet the requirements, device files are complete, the device is in the test is valid and so on.

In addition, the city supervision bureau of this regulation put forward specific job requirements: by strengthening the organization and leadership, to carry out extensive publicity, build long-term mechanism to strengthen the statistical information to start in four areas, the city conducted a comprehensive investigation and remediation actions boiler, ensure boiler risk has been effectively controlled.

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2018-8-15 · GAS & OIL FIRED HOT WATER BOILER 1.4-58MW. Gas & oil fired hot water boiler is a popular type, clean fuels such as natural gas, biogas, city gas, coke oven gas, blast furnace gas, LPG, heavy oil, light oil, residue oil, kerosene are available.

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Fire Power Station CFB Boiler Water Boiler Economiser . Quality CFB Boiler Economizer manufacturers & exporter - buy Fire Power Station CFB Boiler Water Boiler Economiser Natural Gas Chemical Industry from China manufacturer. Home Products Unique creativity, a strong design team, new products, new surprises, every order can bring a lot of profit.

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Oil-fired boiler, a boiler that is intended for application in a low pressure steam or hot water central heating system, that has an input rate of less than 88 kW (300 000 Btu/h) and that is either exclusively oil-fired, or capable of being fired, at the choice of the user, by either oil or another fuel.

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