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Steam chain grate boiler brand recomendation superheater tubes 1 and the explosion accidents, steam boiler superheater tubes near the bursting phenomenon ⑴ superheater discharge steam explosions or sound. ⑵ steam flow decreases abnormally, the abnormal flow of feed water flow to less than. ⑶ furnace pressure is reduced or made positive, the door severe, see the fire and smoke outwardly steam discharge hole. ⑷ flue gas temperature after the superheater is abnormally reduced or increased temperature difference before and after the flue gas superheater. When ⑸ serious damage, boiler steam pressure drop. ⑹ exhaust gas temperature decreased significantly, the chimney flue gas into a gray or white color. ⑺ draft fan load increased, the current increased. 2, the superheater tubes blasting process ⑴ minor rupture superheater tubes, can be appropriately reduced load, to maintain operation within a short time, this time should be closely monitored for leakage, at the same time, rapid start standby boiler. If the monitoring process fault conditions worsen, it should be shutdown as soon as possible. When ⑵ superheater tubes rupture serious and must emergency shutdown.

In addition, to meet the conditions of transport to use, but also a fundamental condition for the export of chain grate boiler brand recomendations, transport and lifting weight restrictions have many foreign regions, not packaged boiler loading and unloading on the ground.

Speaking from personal interests, this approach not only to minus expenses chemicals can also be removed from water analysis personnel expenses, but not fundamentally solve the problem of chain grate boiler brand recomendation scale and corrosion, but not only resulted in a waste of energy also reduces the life of the boiler.

March 19, 2019, Tangshan, Hebei Province, the city government official held "2019 Tangshan depth control key industries scientific and technological achievements Matchmaking" meeting the cement industry on air pollution emissions caps mobilization discussion. According to the news conference, Tangshan City Cement companies need before the end of September this year will be dust, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides are controlled to not more than 10mg / m³, 30mg / m³, 50mg / m³. Official documents will be introduced in the near future.

It is reported, as early as in September last year, Tangshan cement industry in particular has a value of air pollutants emissions of nitrogen oxides emission concentration is less than 50mg / m³ proposed.

September 3, 2018, Tangshan Municipal Government issued the "ecological environment in Tangshan depth remediation tackling month action plan", "plan" industrial enterprises in pollution control, discharge of pollutants in the cement industry to make the following requirements: single production of raw grinding material, bag filter employed; one mill kiln production process, humidification tower may be used - electric precipitator dust collection system, dust emission concentration ≤10mg / m³. Rotary kilns for cement kiln and, preferably high dust coating, conditioning tower may be used - electric precipitator, dust emission concentration ≤10mg / m3, the concentration of sulfur dioxide emissions ≤50mg / m3, nitrogen oxides emission concentration ≤ 50mg / m3.

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