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General Secretary Xi Jinping fully implement the important instructions on promoting clean northern winter heating, Xi Jinping adhere to the new era of socialist thought and nineteenth spirit of the party with Chinese characteristics as a guide, actively and steadily make 2018--2019 Nian northern clean heating season Heating work to ensure the safety of the masses warm winter, the energy Bureau of Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Shandong, Shaanxi, Gansu, Ningxia, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Henan province (autonomous regions and municipalities) and Xinjiang production construction Corps development and reform Commission (energy Board), Beijing Municipal Administration Commission, nuclear, China Guangdong nuclear power, China petroleum, China petrochemical, China national Offshore oil, national grid, Inner Mongolia electric power, China Huaneng, China Datang, China Huadian, the national energy State power investment Corporation, China Three Gorges, SDIC, China Resources coal, China electric power construction, China can build Group (company), power planning and Design, Water Resources and Hydropower planning and Design and other regions and major companies asked the following notification.

First, a solid grasp of clean heating embodiment implemented. At present, the country has been in accordance with the "Clean northern winter heating plan (2017-2021 years)" (hereinafter referred to as "Plan") requires the preparation of a clean heating embodiment of their respective regions, to develop a clean heating annual work plans.

Second, and steadily push forward the "coal to gas," "coal to electricity." Should adhere to the electric power, the gas should be air, should the coal is coal, the heat should be hot, for a given change, after the first stand break. "Coal to gas," gas will be to change, to implement gas supply further implementation of the transformation. All localities should earnestly fulfill the main responsibility to protect people's livelihood gas, good supply in the region decomposition of the implementation, coordination arrangements, rational use.

Third, actively expand the scale of renewable energy heating. All localities should combine resources, to improve geothermal resources exploration and development efforts under the premise of no damage to the ecological environment, simplifying formalities projects, improve the supporting policies, increased geothermal heating area.

Fourth, push forward clean coal-fired central heating. Coal should adhere to the coal, clean coal-fired central heating expanding area. By localities should give priority to production, as emergency reserves peaking power, improve the heating capacity of the unit, expand heating radius, planning and construction of people's livelihood back-pressure thermal power generating units, etc., to further encourage ultra-low emission cogeneration clean heating. Combined with coal production capacity to deploy a unified, rational part of the release of advanced coal production capacity, protect the livelihood of coal for heating. Greatly enhance the environmental performance of coal-fired boiler room, implementation of the "planning" on the ultra-low emission coal-fired boiler in City requirements.

Fifth, keep the masses warm winter safety bottom line. Around the implementation of clean energy supply in new heating facilities, safe and stable operation before, never allow removal of the original heating facilities. Better use of coal, electricity, natural gas and other energy sources for UNPROFOR, users still need to use coal for heating, a really good job of clean coal supply security work.

Sixth, to explore innovative clean heating mode. To clean around heating combined with practical, innovative institutional mechanisms to optimize the business environment, further liberalization of energy, heat production and supply areas, and guide social capital into clean heating market, encourage enterprises to carry out technological innovation and management innovation, the development of new technologies, new models The new format.

Seven, strengthen supervision clean heating work. According to "planning" urged all localities to innovative regulatory measures and means to closely follow the progress of work, mastery goal of task completion and work to promote the practical difficulties, in conjunction with the Energy Bureau sent regulators to organize the supervision and inspection and appraisal. All localities must submit the plan to the Energy Board by December 15 to submit the report within two weeks after the end of the heating season.

How to control the temperature of the gas chlorophyll value of water in boiler

Kotelshchik was required configuration of boiler equipment at run-time staff, they must not only ensure safe operation of the boiler, but also to maintain sustainable and stable operation of the boiler.

Method (1) flushing the steam chlorophyll value of water in boiler water level gauge side valve closed and the drainage discharge valve, water side valve open, the filled water boiler water level gauge. (2) closed water side valve, opening the drain valve to drain the water level gauge. (3) close the drain valve, open the water valve side, the upper level gauge filled with water. (4) Repeat the above (2) (3) until the water level gauge step is clear. (5) close the drain valve, open the steam side and the water side valve, water level gauge resume operation. (6) Verify the door closed drainage water level gauge indicates two, should be consistent with slight shaking.

As for the chlorophyll value of water in boiler layout, we have traditional horizontal type and novel vertical type coking waste heat boiler. The vertical type is a new patent coking waste heat boiler developed independently by our company, with novel structure and good performance.

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However, high DO levels speed up corrosion in water pipes. For this reason, industries use water with the least possible amount of dissolved oxygen. Water used in very low pressure boilers have no more than 2.0 ppm of DO, but most boiler plant operators try to keep oxygen levels to 0.007 ppm or less.


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