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Electric boiler is an integral part of the winter heating gas-electric boilers intermountain hydronics specialties is integral with the winter heating gas 1, which is not the most important electric boiler placed around combustible materials (paper, cloth and other flammable materials), so from the source to reduce fires. 2, the electric heater is not installed, plug, and pull the resistance wire forget overload, or aging of the power cord will also cause a fire. 3, the use of electric heaters when the edge should keep someone when not unplug the power cord, do not pull a lot of people used to switch, but it will also give the opportunity to contribute to the fire. 4, the case of a sudden power failure, disconnect the plug should heaters to prevent a sudden increase in current when an incoming call and fire.

What are the advantages of gas steam boiler steam boiler on gas, many people may have heard, know that it is the use of gas fired steam boiler heating, more widely used in the industrial sector, then what are the advantages of steam-gas boiler, Why so popular The following will give you details gas steam boiler which products advantages. 1, natural gas is a clean environment boiler fuel, it does not produce harmful gases and smoke in the burning process. The gas-fired boilers will produce in the course of the health hazards of dust and gas, it is one of the most important factors affecting the atmospheric air quality. So many cities have introduced the relevant laws and regulations prohibit the use of gas-fired boiler. Steam gas boiler so that the boiler 2 is an environmentally friendly, energy produced when one ton of steam boiler cost gas boiler 240 yuan / ton, the cost of oil-fired boiler is 594 yuan / ton, the cost of the liquefied gas 465 yuan / ton, electrically the cost of the boiler is 700 yuan / ton, oil-fired boiler, electric boilers intermountain hydronics specialties is relative to the gas boiler on the fuel cost is the most economical. 3, the thermal efficiency of the high phase for a gas-fired boiler, oil-fired boiler, electric boiler, gas boiler thermal efficiency is higher. Generally more than 90%. 4, long life gas boiler steam is used as a clean fuel, soot and dust is not generated in the furnace when the combustion, so that the service life longer than other types of boilers. 5, the development of the required development of the boiler has been toward energy efficient, environmentally-friendly development direction, and gas-fired boilers to meet the needs of these three points. Developed in foreign countries generally use a lot of gas boilers, boiler and our projects are basically transformed into a gas-fired boiler.

Detailed boiler industry development direction: At present, the boiler industry is a growing industry, while the boiler industry and enterprises are also faced with various challenges. Boiler industry must adhere to market-oriented strategy, closely rely on scientific and technological progress, scientific and technological innovation, under the guidance of national energy and environmental policy, company structure and product structure adjustment, manufacture and sale of boilers in line with market demand, occupancy in the fierce competition in the market place. Boiler prone to fouling deposits during operation, the device not only affects the work efficiency, but also corrosion of equipment, pose a safety hazard. To solve this problem, to further improve the safety of boiler equipment, saving the cost of doing business has an important role. Boiler industry along with the vigorous development of China's national economy, industrial boiler manufacturing in recent years has made considerable progress. Its outstanding performance is increasingly regulated industry standards, technical standards to improve, increasing product variety, economies of scale significantly expanded. As the market demand continues to increase, the number of manufacturing enterprises increased rapidly, by the end of 2008, the national boiler manufacturing license held by the company at all levels to 1555, in which the AQSIQ approval of 1205, approved by the local provincial bureau up to 350, can provide a variety of boilers of different pressure levels and capacity to meet the current needs of the market. Adoption of clean technology combustion boiler fuel, gas boiler and other large and medium cities will be rapid development. Gas-fired boilers will have made great progress, the market potential of burning garbage and large biomass boiler, electric boilers intermountain hydronics specialties system with regenerative electric power industry reform and development will further expand its market. The use of clean fuel and clean combustion technology, high efficiency, energy saving, low pollution boiler boiler products will be the development trend of the market to develop high-end products and high value-added. Boiler manufacturing industry and is closely related to the country's economic development has become an important part of the national basic industries. Boiler manufacturing wide range of products, the main categories include: power plant boiler, power station boilers, heat boilers, industrial boilers and auxiliary boilers and other machinery; accessories to the host equipment, auxiliary equipment, pumping stations, manifolds and other varieties; to other special needs and design special equipment manufacturing facilities, etc. class.

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region for the winter heating long-term, large coal consumption of the actual situation, "strictly control coal pollution" as a top priority to improve air quality.

According to statistics, in 2018, Inner Mongolia fully complete the remaining 10 127 tons of steam / hour and small coal-fired boilers out of the task-level urban built-up areas; Hohhot, Baotou, Wuhai more polluting coal and other built-up urban area start 35 steam tons / hour and the phase-out of coal-fired boilers.

Inner Mongolia this year also completed shantytowns 142,000, an increase of central heating an area of ​​11.36 million square meters, the "coal to gas," "coal to electricity" pilot project, the region cut loose coal burning 636,300 tons.

In addition, in order to fight the "Battle of the sky" tough fight, Inner Mongolia this year has introduced the "Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act," "Blue Sky Battle win three-year action plan to implement the program" and other local laws and regulations.

From January 2018 to November, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region average PM2.5 concentration of 30 micrograms / cubic meter, down 6.3%, the ratio of the number of good days to reach 83%.

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