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Steam boiler used in tea factory

Many people across the world have with tea. After water, it’s the most popular beverage in the world. Today, it is the economic and social importance of tea production that is so significant. Tea was initially used as a medicine and subsequently as beverage and now has proven well to be a future potential as an important raw material for the pharmaceutical industry. Tea is mainly consumed in the form of ‘fermented tea’ or ‘black tea’. However, ‘non-fermented’ or ‘green tea’ and semi-fermented or ‘oolong tea’ are also popular in some countries e.g. Japan and China.

Notes on the transformation of low nitrogen gas burner boiler commissioning and maintenance of the boiler to avoid combustion air pollution have some time environment, so people will be ordinary boiler has been transformed low nitrogen boiler, in this way good reduce or avoid the harmful substances, but during the process of transformation should also be a degree of commissioning of the gas burner. Specifically, its commissioning and maintenance considerations include the following aspects. First, pay attention when the ignition can not be taken if handled properly when using low nitrogen boilers, gas burners found two consecutive ignition can not succeed, then this time there is an issue, after all, and should stop immediately and conduct a detailed inspection. Repair boiler manufacturers specializing in the production of low nitrogen stressed in particular the gas supply system to see if the problem burner, while the circuit to check for broken wires or the like, after the investigation and the prompt reasons, to be able to ensure that there is no problem re-start. Second, pay attention to prevent a fire or Mars due to the use of low nitrogen when the boiler to use the gas, thus making related to debugging time around can not determine whether there is leakage phenomenon and the like, and therefore must not ignite the fire or even smoke, there is Mars or is the situation as static electricity is very dangerous, likely to cause a fire or explosion, so to put an end to these phenomena. Low nitrogen boiler manufacturers emphasize not smoke or be forced to thrash metal shell are less able to welding or cutting on site, in order to avoid a major accident. Third, note that valve maintenance before failure to valve failure safety measures if a low nitrogen gas supply line and has a boiler under aerobic conditions, then before disassembly and repair should be performed first turn off the main valve to prevent gas leakage and then the main valve pilot valve section of pipe which may be present in a gas vent, and then be able to disassemble and repair. But low nitrogen boiler manufacturer reminder should be noted that even if the body has been emptied, but the pipe wall may still be residual gas or liquid gas ingredients, so making repairs when we must avoid spark or static electricity, so as to avoid any eventuality. These are the transformation to a low-carbon gas burner boiler commissioning and maintenance considerations aspects included, in addition, the process of debugging and repair in the field the tools used must have explosion-proof function. And a professional manufacturer of low nitrogen boiler must be reminded to do for the steam pressure test to check for leaks phenomenon before the burner starts can be determined only after the correct use.

Common forms and functions of household gas boilers What? Eyes looking at the winter to come, even a little bit cold in the morning, consider the division of winter heating, radiators and underfloor heating is still the most of my friends were like, whether it is considering radiator, is still considered to warm, in selected household heat source division, the boiler is not open around a big problem regarding a lot of terms is a boiler plate replacement, the machine casing, dual furnace, the furnace system, stainless steel, cast aluminum, is really incomprehensible. Today it is concerned about several different approaches boiler it only in the discussion of domestic gas boilers. Domestic boilers divided by FunctionClassification: dual furnace, the furnace system according to the preparation of a hot day separable way to catalog: telescopic, replaceable plate, Double-tube, coil type heat exchanger tank by combustion approach can be divided into: general type, condensation type, general type premix, premix condensing type to start from the beginning of the function classification, dual oven is heating / hot water dual-use furnace day, you can put the fantasy of dual-use furnace into two water heaters, a as heating, hot water a day served. Furnace system, the same day warm hot water to meet the needs of mining, but the furnace system, the system can not take direct hot day, will need to work a coil hot water tank to meet the day. Preparation of Hot Press day classification approach: the sleeve is more common board for boilers and boiler, Double-tube boiler tank and a heat exchanger coil boiler is not common. Tube boiler: the market still find many, operation principle is similar to gas water heaters, water enters the main heat exchanger, a boiler heating the board for a flame to obtain hot day. The so-called sleeve means its main heat exchanger, and the day of the hot water circuit loop approach Pipe sleeve tubular heating sleeve together, simple structure, low cost, low failure rate. Machine main heat exchanger casing of this disadvantage sleeve machine being characterized by a tubular sleeve so large pipe, the hot water is always heated days, when the winter heating hours, days open water, in the form of heating boiler is switched from the hot water to form days , out of the top section of the water temperature will be very high, there is a potential risk of burn people. And the structure of its resolution casing machine power is not too large, usually 18kw to 24kw. Board for boilers: boiler plate for comparison on the market now is the mainstream model, to change the boiler plate for heating hot water in the form of day, and adds a three-way valve and plate heat exchangers, the stability of such hot water progress, very comfortable with them. Premix condensation furnace: furnace premix combines the advantages of condensing premix boilers and recovery boiler flue gas, the thermal efficiency can reach about 98% -110%, with a minimum power boiler can reach about 2-5kw, improved energy efficiency . The premix condensing furnace is not directly applied in a boiler condensate return tank, but directly to the main heat exchanger of the boiler is increased, to increase the heat exchange area, so that the direct condensation of flue gas in the combustion chamber. Premix condensing furnace production process each manufacturer has a different, unlike the switch plate has been immobilized, but the fan frequency, accurate scheduling gas proportional valve, the main heat exchanger against corrosion that is required several standard accessories. Fume recovery boiler: low temperature into boiler return water condenser tank, high temperature flue gas also enters the condensate tank, the two heat exchange, heat exchange efficiency of the boiler can reach 97% As mentioned above, natural gas-fired comes mostly methane there is also a hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen sulfide from natural gas by deodorant. In the high temperature combustion of hydrogen sulphide attack sulfur dioxide, nitrogen in the high-temperature air generated nitrogen oxides, and the condensate tank will decrease the flue gas temperature, flue gas water vapor was separated in a liquid approach, reaction of water with sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides produced sulfite , nitrous oxide, sulfuric acid becomes about nitrate and corrosive, relatively poor corrosion condenser tank simple. Another problem is the problem of fouling of the furnace flue gas condensing recovery, because the presence of fouling by air, moisture condensed out of the box, can cause the dust adheres on the boiler main exchanger. General premix Oven: fan such boilers are converted, depending on the boiler board computer to schedule power boiler gas boiler intake air, the fan speed with the scheduling boilers, gas and air control in a very appropriate proportions into the combustion chamber combustion, thermal efficiency progress. This progress boiler thermal efficiency of the boiler, but do not attack the condensate water, but because the use of variable frequency fans, the price relative to the average furnace will be higher, but because of his air volume ratio and the amount of gas is very suitable, so nitrogen oxide emissions basically amount can be qualified, basically as long as this stove can get blue sky in the oven so that the general standard. With such machines because the use of air blower frequency, minimum power boiler can be made smaller.

Six months from Hainan Sinochem Pharmaceuticals boiler equipment normally used in odd years, the equipment in good condition, our technical staff has repeatedly went to inspect the guidance. In the process of Hainan with the pharmaceutical companies, the other either for my company's product or service we are very satisfied with our company's reputation and expressed trust. --customer feedback

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Room: Science Laboratory and Preperation Area - Science

2012-5-10 · 1 Water still, borosilicate glass boiler, 3 kW chromium plated heater, 4 litres/hour output, bench or wall mounted, thermostatic cut out. Manufacturer: Catalogue No: RES/197. 1 Dishwasher, settings to 65 (C, stainless steel interior, 230 V 50 Hz, hot and cold water

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