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The main mode of combustion control method in industry is the gas boiler applications are more effective and simple control of nitrogen oxides, i.e., the first category. Mainly through optimization of the furnace combustion conditions, optimize the mixing of fuel and air, control the distribution of the flame, the furnace temperature reducing nitrogen oxides to be reduced. There are several common methods: ● The air-staged combustion air required for combustion with staged combustion of the fuel mixture, and reducing the combustion flame temperature strength. The secondary air outlet for high speed, roll seats around the flue, so that flue gas recirculation in the furnace. Classifying air distribution while reducing the temperature at the center of the flame, on the other hand dilutes the oxygen concentration of the flame surface, thereby suppressing generation of NOX. ● a fuel staged combustion refers to combustion of fuel grade gas into the furnace from a different region, such that the fuel in stages, sub-area for combustion. Full use of space in the combustion chamber, the fuel will be dispersed arrangement, reducing the concentration of the flame, the temperature of the high temperature reduction zone. Usually low nitrogen ● staged combustion burner air staging and fuel staging combination, collectively referred to staged combustion technique. Staged combustion technique is through a combination of the principles of the substance and peroxy oxygen-depleted, flame dispersed, reduced flame temperature, furnace flue gas to promote local circulation, form a reducing atmosphere, it has been generated by partial reduction of NO to N2, thereby controlling the total amount of emissions of NOx concentration. Although mixed staged combustion technique may reduce to some extent the generation of nitrogen oxides, but many of the burner and combustion air is not fully realized in the actual use of the gas, high temperature furnace in the local memory area, which is higher than the temperature of thermal NOx generated , resulting in excessive NOx concentration. On the other hand, there may be poor mixing of fuel and air flow, resulting in excessive carbon monoxide, partially incomplete combustion of carbon and other phenomena. In order to lower the reaction temperature, it is necessary to make as flame dispersed expanded flame shape, that is required in conjunction with the use of the furnace, and the furnace is mostly the case is limited volume, in order to avoid excessive furnace flame opposing, generally reduces the output power of the burner , which can reduce NOx concentration and ensure full combustion, but the drawback is the power boiler has declined, but there is a risk of flue gas condensation. According to the relevant literature and the actual operation data, generally of staged combustion can be controlled at the concentration of NOx emissions 60 ~ 80mg / m3, to meet national standards, but for many existing local standards, this technology can not meet. In practical application, it will be staged combustion and flue gas recirculation techniques (of FGR) combined application, in order to meet emission requirements 30mg / m3 of. ● flue gas recirculation techniques (of FGR) technology refers to flue gas recirculation is part of the flue gas after combustion (mainly for water vapor, carbon dioxide and nitrogen) is returned to the burner drawn, mixed with fresh air is involved in combustion. Recirculated flue gas temperature and the flame temperature in the furnace is much lower than is possible to significantly reduce the temperature in the furnace, to reduce the furnace volume heat intensity. Meanwhile, since the introduction of the low flue gas oxygen content in the furnace can effectively reduce the oxygen concentration in the furnace, effective to inhibit the formation of NOx. Flue gas recirculation principle: the low temperature flue gases directly into the furnace section, or with air (primary air or secondary air) mixed into the furnace, the flue gas due to heat absorption and dilution of the oxygen concentration, the combustion speed and the furnace the temperature decreases, thereby reducing thermal NOX. For gas-fired boiler, NOX reducing the most significant. Typically, there are ways to generate thermal type (T-NO), the fast type (P-NO) and the fuel type (F-NO) 3 types. Flue gas recirculation system and the gas burner is connected to an inert gas circulating in the flue gas into the burner, the flame propagation speed is reduced on the one hand, on the other hand the level of temperature in the furnace heat absorption decreased, the absolute decrease in flame temperature, reach generation temperature, thereby suppressing the formation of T-NO. Other components of a large number of circulation flue gas N2, CO2, H2O, due to the mixing of the circulating gas, air and flue gas mixture, the oxygen concentration, thus affecting the amount of production. Mixing the flue gas circulating in the air, i.e. increase the content in the reaction of N2. Since oxygen atoms and nitrogen molecules in the activation energy required for the activation energy required for the reaction is large, the large volume of nitrogen is not directly react with oxygen to generate NO, and hydrocarbons in the reaction with the fuel component in the fuel ratio of oxygen and combustible components of the reaction. N2 is increased a lot of positive reaction formula, a large amount of intermediate product HCN. And the oxygen atoms react with the flue gas and thus the occurrence of these intermediates First, HCN O2 with the following overall reaction in an oxygen-poor environment: HCN + 5 / 4O2 → 1 / 2N2 + CO2 + 1 / 2H2O by the formula (2-5) seen in the concentration of oxygen lean combustion conditions, HCN finally generated N2. Thus With regard to flue gas recirculation intermediate HCN increased, while on the other hand does not use the previous O2 concentration reducing flue gas recirculation, prompting for completion of the reaction, N2 generation amount drastically increased, thereby reducing the P-NO generation. ● a water-cooled flame combustion technology burner is surrounded by a cooling water, to remove heat by cooling water pipe, reduce the flame temperature, thereby destroying the nitrogen oxide formation conditions. Is generally used together with premixed combustion technology, premixed combustion can effectively reduce the flame length, the shorter the flame can be sufficiently cool the cooling pipe. This technique can effectively reduce NOx emission concentrations, but not broad. The water cooling, so for most of the project, due to the structure of the furnace can not transform, so this technique can not be applied. Water-cooled combustion basically only apply to replacement case or Case new design of the furnace. Further, such a dedicated furnace with burners generally, instead of a generic burner, the burner fails once, the user may select the burner is very limited.

A few days ago, Datong City, Shanxi Province, issued a "decisive battle 300 days, to enhance the" Datong blue "plan", combined with ongoing Shanxi Province: innovation, work for "the great debate, promote green development, and constantly improve the level of ecological civilization, achieve a good number of days 300 days throughout the year for more than two goals. details are as follows.

1, aspects of the transition. On the basis of the regulation last year, continued to carry out "dirty scattered" enterprise rectification work. According to industrial policy, industrial layout planning, as well as land, environmental protection, quality, safety, energy consumption, etc., to carry out an intensive investigation, the establishment of management accounting. In accordance with the principle of "first stop after the rule", the implementation of classification disposal, have been banned "dirty messy" business, appears to prevent the resurgence of the phenomenon.

2, corporate governance aspects. Industrial pollution discharge standards to strengthen the comprehensive management of enterprises can not achieve full compliance, should be taken to stop production remediation. Full completion of key industries pollution remediation work, on the basis of the city's nine power companies that run on ultra-low emissions stable, GD Datong Power Generation Co. Ltd. within the scope of the built-up area of ​​the city and Datang International Yungang Thermal Power Co., Ltd. completed before the end of the colored Amidst the governance feasibility report, we lay the foundation for next year colored misty rain governance. December 30, 2019, to carry out ultra-low emissions and chemical industry, iron and steel, nonferrous metals, cement industry, especially emission limits transformation; completed 100 industrial enterprises fugitive emissions control, industrial furnace control 41 upgrades, 11 key industries and enterprises volatile organic compounds governance and four key industries and enterprises volatile organics management upgrade.

3, less coal ways. Insist on proceeding from reality, should be in accordance with the electric power, gas should the gas, should the coal coal (ultra low emission), should be hot is hot, and more heating energy policy to ensure the safety of the masses warm winter. Residents living coal simultaneous implementation of clean energy alternatives. District heating flat built-up area clean 100% coverage, coverage of other counties clean heating built-up area of ​​more than 70%, 40% or more in rural areas, to proceed with the phase-out of coal-fired boilers. Renovation project to carry out ultra-low emission coal-fired boilers, October 1, 2019, 65 tons of steam coal and above and build the region (biomass) and energy-efficient boilers to complete the transformation of ultra-low emissions, low nitrogen gas boiler basically completed the transformation.

Right after the shutdown shutdown and maintenance methods industrial steam boilers in bangalore: I believe it is not strange for large steam boiler, we know when its not in use in order to reduce waste of resources, it needs to be shutdown. But it's the right way to shutdown and how much you know about it? After the shutdown maintenance methods and how is it? Here's a small series and learn together about it!

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Heating boilers is a heating method used in many places in cold winters. The most common heating boiler is a hot water boiler. The hot water flows through the pipeline and dissipates heat to increase the indoor temperature for heating purposes. Steam boilers are also used in some cases. However, steam boilers are mostly used for heating and power generation at the same time. At present, urban residential heating has become a requirement. Then the 1.4MW boiler is used for residential heating. How much heating can it be?

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2019-10-13 · Boilers can be classified into the following configurations: Pot boiler or Haycock boiler/Haystack boiler: A primitive "kettle" where a fire heats a partially filled water container from below. 18th century Haycock boilers generally produced and stored large volumes of very low-pressure steam, often hardly above that of the atmosphere.These could burn wood or most often, coal.

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2016-8-21 · For all industrial, commercial, domestic and residential environments, boilers are machines that produce hot water, warm hair and heated steam. Industrial boilers are specifically designed to be used as components of bigger heating systems or to supply steam or warm water for industrial and production procedures.

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Thermodyne Industrial Steam Boiler Manufacturer in India. 2019-3-8 · Thermodyne One of the Top 10 Boiler Manufacturers in India established its reputation as leading supplier & exporter of Industrial Steam Boilers, Hot Water Generator & Heaters for thermal power plants, steal & other industries.

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steam boilers manufacturers in Bangalore - steam boilers manufacturers in Bangalore. Industrial water suppliers are nowadays expanding its control scope not only industrial water supply but also steam, electricity, wastewater treatment and recycle water in order to meet the requirements of industry utility demands. Get a quote

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