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What safety matters should be noticed in the operation of industrial fired hot water heating boiler room designs?

Industrial boiler is a kind of equipment which must be used by many manufacturing enterprises. It can provide sufficient thermal energy for the production of enterprises so as to ensure that the production can be carried out in an orderly manner. However, because the industrial boiler is dangerous when it is used, the workers who operate it must pay attention to the following items in their daily work in order to better prevent the occurrence of safety accidents. So what safety matters should be noticed in the operation of industrial boilers?

1. Industrial boilers should check the inlet and outlet valves of their gas meters and the main valves in front of the furnace before using them, and close them when the pipes are replaced. When opening the furnace door, we should pay attention to check the situation in the furnace, especially pay attention to the phenomenon of gas leakage, if the leakage is found, it cannot be ignited, but it should be checked and repaired in time to ensure the safety before ignition.

2, pay attention to check the flue of industrial boiler, can't have water or not and keep the flue open all the time. At the same time, no combustible and explosive products such as diesel oil, firecrackers and so on should be placed around the boiler, and safe passageways of sufficient area should be set aside.

3. Start the blower before igniting the industrial boiler and open the air valve on each burner. When igniting, we must pay attention to fire and so on. We must not put the cart before the horse in order to prevent explosion. Also note that the burner should be ignited and adjusted in sequence from top to bottom and from inside to outside.

4. When using industrial boilers, if the blower stops abruptly due to power outages and other reasons, all gas and air valves on the burner should be closed immediately and the furnace doors should be opened if necessary to prevent accidents.

5, the operating room should be equipped with a gas alarm, if found gas leakage of the county should close the indoor gas valve, and then find out the leak point and timely repair, in the course of its attention must not use open fire to detect leakage.

Gas-fired fired hot water heating boiler room designs are fueled by heavy oil, light oil or flammable liquids. It is a heat carrier. The circulating oil pump is used to force the liquid phase circulation. After the heat is transferred to the heat equipment. Then return to the reheated direct-flow special industrial furnace. Widely used as petrochemical. Textile. Printing and dyeing. Plastic。 Rubber. Food processing. Wood processing. Asphalt is heated. Cartons are produced. Vegetables are dehydrated. Baking paint. Foundry sand mold drying, etc., can also be used for ≤ 350oC baking, steaming, setting, melting, drying. At present, environmental protection has become everyone's talk, many factories do not adapt to the new environmental policy, some small enterprises have closed down. But environmental protection is a trend, we can only make industry more environmentally friendly in order to make the country better development, people better life. Gas-fired boilers are more environmentally friendly, the new gas-fired boilers are environmentally friendly compared to coal-fired boilers in the sky and underground. Gas-fired boiler is helpful to reduce the influence of harmful components and noise in flue gas on the surrounding environment. Year-round gas-fired boiler houses shall be located on the upwind side of the overall small frequency wind direction in residential areas and major environmental protected areas, and seasonal boiler rooms shall be located on the downwind side of the prevailing wind direction in that season. It should meet the requirements of environmental impact assessment report. Rules for the use of gas-fired boilers: strict The grid is operated according to the heating curve of the boiler. When the pressure difference of gas-fired boiler is unstable, it shall not be put into use. When the furnace is shut down, when the oil temperature drops below 80 degrees Celsius, the circulating pump can stop running. Ensure that the boiler circulates well at high temperatures. When the gas-fired boiler is working normally, the high-level tank should be kept in the high level, and the oil storage tank should be in the low-level. The allowable operating temperature of a gas-fired boiler shall not be exceeded. The furnace shall not be watered with water during emergency shutdown of the gas-fired boiler. Different varieties should not be mixed. The discharge port of the tank shall be connected to the safe area. The first heating rate of gas-fired boiler must be carried out according to the heating curve.

As a global fired hot water heating boiler room design enterprise, Fangkuai Boiler attaches great importance to the opportunity of communication with customers. Therefore, we have set up a sales team of more than 100 people to visit customer units regularly to check the boiler operation status. Not only can timely search the customer's use feedback and boiler improvement opinions, provide a clearer development direction for equipment research and development, but also assist users in the testing and commissioning of boilers and maintenance work, full life cycle services, and solve customer cooperation projects. The problem is that nobody cares ".

Method for safe operation of steam fired hot water heating boiler room designs steam boiler before use, must be checked for damage of the insulating layer, to check the burner is operating correctly, and to check the position of the opening degree of the valve to ensure it is correct. Electric heating boiler and the boiler is mainly composed of electric control box and control system. Its characteristics are environmentally friendly, clean, no pollution, no noise, automatic, with limited energy and reduce prices significantly, as a new boiler electric heating boiler equipment increasingly being recognized. Electric heating the core member is electrically heated boiler, directly determines the life of the boiler, to select a non-metallic electrical heating tube (such as a ceramic heating pipe), because it is resistant to the load, a long life, and a water separation structure, the boiler Wing no leakage. There are heating and hot water boiler bath for two purposes. Hot water boiler by circulating hot water circulation pump hot water holding tank, the tank hot water heating cycle can be achieved bath object; hot water boiler by circulating hot water circulation pump heating conduit, through the heat sink (radiator) people can achieve heating requirements; hot water boiler and hot water circulating pump with heat exchanger can be achieved bathing and heating dual function. Must be checked for automatic control instruments and equipment safety equipment accessories, equipment, in order to comply with the requirements. Check item prior to ignition of the steam boiler: open valve before oil circulation pump, oil heating valve is opened, adjusted reasonably high level of the tank, the gas pressure is determined before the natural gas burner ignition must be within the range, the power good . Steam boiler furnaces operating point of the device first starts the circulation pump, the circulation pump outlet pressure, the furnace, the furnace pressure, and the system should ensure the return pressure in the normal range. Circulation pump run for 30 minutes before entering the next step, the system is stable. Open the gas tube steam boiler manual valve, button start-up burner, natural gas burner into the furnace, and then the ignition, the flame remains stable, i.e. is in a safe operating condition. In the firing process steam boiler, once the accident shut down the phenomenon occurs, the device automatically interlock the burner will be protected, should be promptly cut off the natural gas pipeline, furnace cleaning function should be started. Replace the rest of the gas stove, and stop cleaning. The system load requirements, temperature requirements and thermal oil outlet, the burner can automatically adjust the size of the fire source.

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