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(4) Boiler with a steaming pressure of 11.8-14.7 MPa at the outlet of the ultra-high pressure water heater top quality in iceland. The current parameter series of power station boilers in China, the steam pressure at the outlet of the ultra-high pressure boiler is specified as 13.7 MPa, the steam outlet temperature is 540 ° C, and the minority is 555 ° C.

The higher the efficiency of the water heater top quality in iceland, the less air consumption, both inverse relationship. Efficiency boilers become quality assessment boiler key points.

The competition, the segment is slowly 45 contestants only a female welder, most of the other competitors from China Electric Power Construction, veteran welders in the petroleum, petrochemical, and other large number of country prefix units, with a very rich practical operation of work experience. Faced with numerous welding expert, slowly segment did not flinch and fear, but to actively exercise their welding ability, the old master who humbly ask to try a variety of different welding methods, and repeat the training to do practice makes perfect. By her welded water heater top quality in iceland parts forming the United States, no weld defects neat; in her station, welding clean, neatly stacked tools, work order. It is because of her usual work down to earth, hard work and practice, lay a solid foundation for the success obtained.

Determination of Gas water heater top quality in iceland water on a gas introduced through a gas boiler incineration operations: incineration of carbon-based fuels thereof containing oxygen, carbon dioxide and steam occurs, escape from the top or the side of the stack, it referred to as a flue. Such planning trouble is that a lot of heat can escape from the exhaust gas. Escape the heat means wasting energy, it will cost you money. Another system is known as the condensing gas boiler, the flue gas passing through a heat exchanger, which heats cold water from the heat sink back, the exhaust gas temperature after the recovery of only about 60 ℃, so heat power probably increased by about 10%, savings of natural gas by about 10%, while the energy recovery process, you can also reduce harmful gas emissions, reduce environmental pollution. Condensing gas boilers like this can reach more than 90% power (more than 90% of the original energy into energy to heat your room or hot water). How to compare the traditional and the modern, non-condensing gas boiler condensing gas boiler 1, different incineration technology. Condensing boiler operation under normal operating conditions, gas and fresh air was mixed burning, burning completely high power, low emission targets. However, the practice is not possible to reach the gas-fired boiler burning thorough mixing ratio, a large heat loss, but condensing boiler does not present this problem. Condensing boiler with a new technology, high cost, so its price will be higher than the average boiler. 2, the use of different age. Since the conventional gas boiler incinerator, burning chamber and other key components, plus water quality and other issues, will make use of the product life decline. With inlet incinerator normally condensing boiler service life due to its advanced technology, the use life is generally greater than a conventional gas boiler. 3, different energy saving. Usually conventional gas boiler heating power can reach only 92%, because the conventional high-temperature exhaust gas boiler, the fuel burned in the water occurs when superheated steam conditions in the flue gas, is lost with the flue gas from the stack, reducing thermal power. Condensation boiler thermal power is greater than 95%. During incineration may be the exhaust gas temperature is reduced to 50 ~ 70 ℃, it is very energy efficient. Water quality measurement process and the measurement gas boiler 1 chloride specification taken in boiler water 100ML measuring cylinder 250ml conical flask, to participate in 2-3 drops of phenolphthalein indicator, was pink, then titrated with sulfuric acid to colorless, participate 2-3 dropwise potassium network indicator, standardized silver nitrate solution was titrated to red jujube, the volume number of the silver nitrate consumed record, namely 35.5 multiplied chloride specification: 4002 Determination of chloride less alkalinity boiler water take measuring cylinder 100ml to 250ml conical flask, to participate in 2-3 drops of phenolphthalein indicator, the solution was pink, was titrated with sulfuric acid to regulate just colorless, then add 2-3 titration methyl orange indicator, titrated with sulfuric acid continued to orange red stopped, the volume of sulfuric acid consumed number record, the size of this measured value is equal to 3 hardness alkalinity boiler water 100ml measuring cylinder taken to a 250ml Erlenmeyer flask, to participate in a few grains Los black T indicator, then add 2 -3 dropwise ammonia - ammonium chloride buffer solution with standardized EDTA solution was titrated to a wine red solution turns blue end record number EDTA solution volume consumed, this value is equivalent to the size of the boiler water hardness. Specification: Hardness: Determination steam oven 0.6mmol per liter or less per liter of the water heater 4 pH measured 0.03mmol Specification PH test paper: PH value: 10-12

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