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The improvement of working principle of collective heating boiler thermal efficiency is considered by many users. It is believed that this problem is the research direction that every boiler manufacturer has been studying. When many users operate the boiler, they often find some new problems in the actual production process, but among all the problems, the most troubling thing is the phenomenon of higher exhaust temperature and lower thermal efficiency of the boiler. This phenomenon seriously affects our normal work, so what can we do to improve its thermal efficiency? What we need to know about this is that the best fit for low-temperature characteristics is synthetic molding. However, most of the synthetic molds are biphenyls, both of which are composed of biphenyls Complex benzene derivatives, whose vapors or their volatiles are highly carcinogenic, are strongly advised to choose oil-based products. Secondly, in the process of meeting the low temperature performance, the product also has a relatively high flash point requirements. In general, engineers recommend that the low-temperature opening flash point should not be below 200 ℃. Through the continuous research and improvement of its equipment by professional manufacturers, it is found that in order to improve its thermal efficiency, it is necessary to increase the heating surface at the tail of the boiler, such as air preheater and economizer. However, when the backhaul temperature of the organic heat carrier furnace body is very high, the economizer can not be installed, but the air preheater can only be installed to alleviate the situation. So if the boiler does not exchange heat with other low-temperature heating systems, the only way to improve energy efficiency is to add air preheaters. After adding air preheater, the velocity of flow can be increased accordingly, so as to ensure the boiler to work safely, reliably and stably, and the thermal efficiency of boiler equipment will be increased accordingly.

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Recently, in Jiaxing City in Zhejiang Province Nanhu District, officially launched a comprehensive investigation and action on gas working principle of collective heating boilers and biomass boilers urban built-up areas, and actively promote the transformation of low nitrogen emission gas-fired boiler, Zhejiang Province, determined to win the Battle of the sky made own contribution.

According to the requirements of the investigation, the South Lake district towns, streets, parks within the jurisdiction of the respective gas boilers and biomass boilers urban area to take home from house to house visits Paimo way, the ecological environment Branch area combined with market regulators issuing a list a verification form inventory management. After the statistics were found in the region with gas boiler 35 units, built-up area of ​​biomass boiler Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Nanhu District will be in more than 500,000 cubic meters of natural gas consumption in the four on-site visits to enterprises as a pilot enterprise low nitrogen transformation operations boilers, ecological environment Branch area of ​​personnel, publicity reform provinces, municipalities and low nitrogen emissions on gas-fired boiler requirement that the premise of ensuring safety in production, natural gas boiler NOx emission after the transformation shall not exceed 50 mg / cubic meter, and listened carefully to the enterprise raised about the difficulties of combustion gas boiler low nitrogen transformation exists.

To speed up the investigation and major renovation large boilers, Nanhu District definite time node, before the end of 2019 business model will complete the transformation of low nitrogen gas boiler, at the same time, the city built-up area of ​​biomass boilers implement ultra-low emissions transformation. Nanhu District will adhere to routine inspections and investigation focused on the combination of concentration and control checks and unannounced visits to combine law enforcement when combined with the daily supervision and wrong, and the law enforcement inspection report from the masses combine to ensure long-term monitoring of boiler regulation implemented.

Repair and Maintenance Troubleshooting In order to avoid gas steam working principle of collective heating boiler steam boiler outlet dust concentration of gas in the course of the maximum allowable dust concentration is higher than the value of scale delineated, dust removal equipment must be set in the rear of the gas steam boiler, the flue gas trapping dust particles and then discharged into the atmosphere. What gas steam boiler common types of dust collector with a gas steam boiler in addition to several common control:? Gas-fired steam boiler gravity settling dust collector, the principle is: when the flue gas into a larger space velocity decreases, larger particles by means of its own gravity dust, separated from the flue gases by natural gravity settling. Cyclone gas steam boiler, known as a centrifugal cyclone precipitator, the principle is strongly rotated in the flue gas dust in a cyclone cylindrical wall gas, and gradually decreased along the tubular wall a helical motion. Because of the strong centrifugal force produced by rotation, the dust thrown cartridge body wall. On the wall surface of soot gradually decreased by gravity to the bottom of the precipitator and discharged through hoppers. Purified flue gas is discharged from the middle of the dust core tube. Gas steam boiler centrifugal mill dust, which is the principle: from the flue gas into a lower portion of the cylindrical housing at a high speed in a tangential direction. Rotation along the cylindrical wall, the nozzle tangential Fangcheng Ping along an upper circumference of the cartridge housing are water, when the water film is formed the inner wall of the cartridge housing, since the centrifugal force, is thrown dust cylindrical wall, and the stick water film and a conical water film flows along the hopper, the mouth is discharged from the ash, flue gas from the upper portion of the housing purifying exhaust.

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